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Originally released for the NES, Final Fantasy III starts you off as an orphan named Luneth, who falls into a hole and discovers the Wind Crystal. The Crystal tells Luneth he must return with the other three chosen warriors, so off you go. You'll meet all three of them within the first quest line. After saving the local kingdom from a Djinn's curse, you are forcefully returned to the Wind Crystal, which then informs you that you have been chosen to become the Warriors of Light.

Source: DroidGamers

The Ball is a first-person, mostly puzzle-based game in which you use a gun made out of a skull to push and pull a huge, magic ball. You begin by falling down a hole, exploring some caves, and eventually finding the skull-gravity-gun and soon the ball itself. You're basically Gordon Freeman if he were an archaeologist, complete with similar uncanny ability to jump superhuman distances and not speak a single word the entire game – not that there's anyone to talk to.

Source: Beef Jack

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